Certified Gong Sound Therapist Course In Hong Kong

20 Hours (4 Days) Certified Gong Sound Therapist Training In Hong Kong
Reiki Journey Hong Kong Offers A Samaveda International Sound Healing Academy Certified Gong Sound Therapist Training in Hong Kong

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All classes are in small class size and free unlimited sit in for revision.

Let’s spread love and light to the people around us, may the world be in Peace

*one to one healing sessions are also available

Gong meditation is a unique sound practice that involves using therapeutic gong sounds and vibrations for healing. It is called gong bath because participants bathed in the gong sound waves.

Gong sound therapy has been practised for thousands of years and can help manage various health conditions. Sound treatments are based on the understanding that all forms of matter, including our body’s cells, vibrate at various frequencies.

What you’ll learn During 20 hours 4 days Gong Sound Therapy Training 

  • A practical approach to scripting and performing sound bath events for groups of people.
  • Learn how to play a meditative instrument and do a concert.
  • Learn to organise types of sound bath events.
  • Learn what the benefits of the sound bath and gong immersion are.
  • How to create harmonies for a more profound meditative experience.
  • Learn how to advertise and promote your sound baths.
  • Learn how to catch the audience attention and keep them captivated for 75 minutes
  • Learn the tips for creating a memorable event from start to finish.
  • Learn how to select the venues that accommodate sound baths.
  • Learn how to Pack up all those instruments so they arrive safe and “sound!”

Requirements to join 20 hours 4 days Gong Sound Therapist Training 

  • Knowledge of “Singing Bowls Fundamentals” gives a good foundation for working with singing bowls.
  • Basic knowledge and interest in crystal singing bowls and gongs.

Description of the program 20 hours Certified Gong Sound Therapist Training 

A practical guide to learning dynamic meditative Gong sound baths!

Who can join this course 

  • Anyone who desire to create meditative sound concerts with singing bowls and gongs.
  • Anyone curious about Gong Sound Baths and sound healing
  • Anyone who is looking for a practical perspective on building a profession as a Sacred Sound Artist.
  • Anyone with a lot of singing bowls and not sure what to do with them.

  • 20 Hours Certified Gong Sound Therapist Training In Hong Kong
  • Cost: 8,800/ HK$ Per person
  • More information to Book your Seat For Upcoming Gong Sound Bath Training
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