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Seichim / Sekhem All Love

Seichim/Sekhem is a channelled energy. It is drawn from the Infinite Ocean of Love and Mercy. It is the energetic healing system much like Reiki that was used in ancient Egypt. It is essentially a mysterious energy that utilizes sacred symbology to release deeply held though patterns in the physical, emotional (astral), causal, mental, and etheric bodies. The course contains all the Seichim/Sekhem symbols and adds some new discoveries and powerful ancient attunements. Seichim/Sekhem works in partnership with our conscious intent, Higher Self and inner guides. It opens the heart to create multi-dimensional bridges of ‘at-one-moment’ with the Source, giving us pure loving light and a sacred vibrational healing. Many students feel Seichim more like a feminie, yin energy, and Sekhem, more like a masculine, yang energy. Many add that Seichim/Sekhem feels softer, but stronger; smoother but more concentrated.

* Level One (HKD 2,500/person), Level Two (HKD 2,500//person) and Level Three (HKD 2,500//person) three days course

* Master Teacher Level (HKD 4,200/person)



Isis Blue Moon

It is a similar energy to Reiki. It is a very soothing cool energy and can also be cold, or freezing. Many people claim that the energy is very calm and soothing. I find it to be very useful in times when a cold energy is needed. The main uses for Isis Blue Moon are healing and cooling. It works great at reducing swelling as well or bringing down fevers. You will learn an invocation of Isis and the 10 symbols that make up Isis Blue Moon healing system. Isis is an Egyptian Goddess. She is an ancient lady of power.

* Master Teacher Level (HKD 3,800/person) one day course.



Golden Triangle

It is said to feel much like Reiki but more intense. It is a very high frequency energy system that is connected to the Egyptian Goddess Isis. It has been used successfully in helping to aid the healing process of many diseases including Cancer, heart and other chronic illnesses. Once attuned many people will see a golden pyramid spinning in the third eye area, shortly after the attunement takes place. With practice it can help increase your mental and telepathic abilities by the stimulating effect it has on the area of the third eye.

* Master Teacher Level (HKD3,800/person) one day course.



Ahara Reiki

It contains only 4 symbols.
The system is directed by the intent of the practitioner.
It is an Ancient Egyptian based energy that is connected to Isis and Bast.
The four symbols are the Ahara Master Symbol, the Isis symbol that is used for cleansing and energizing, the Akru for all forms of healing, and the TET for the oneness of all things.

*Master Teacher Level (HKD 3,800/person) one day course

Moon Reiki

A Feminine Healing Energy.
An experience for women and men.
Experience the power of your Divine Self in healing you and others through Moon Reiki
The moon in many ancient traditions is a symbol of the feminine. According to the Chinese tradition of yin/yang, the daytime is considered yang – a more active, outgoing energy.
The night is yin – a more inner, nurturing energy. So to honor and recognize the Sacred Feminine within, we stand in ceremony together at night and honor the moon – pray to the moon – or actually to the Sacred Feminine within each of us – to call on that aspect of ourselves to become more active in our lives.
The Sacred Feminine is our feelings, our insights, our ideas, our intuitive self, our hidden dreams, that creative self that is unique to each of us, whether we are women or men.
It is the belief of equality in all things to live with love and forgiveness in our hearts

*Master Teacher Level (HKD 2,500/person) one day course


 SekhemHeka is published in book form through Megalithica Books, and imprint of Immanion Press, in May 2008. Here is an overview of some of the system’s components.
In Ancient Egypt, sekhem literally meant power or might. The term applied to gods and goddesses and was often part of the titles of pharaohs and queens. The sekhem sceptre carried by rulers and important officials was a physical representation of their earthly power. In recent years, the word sekhem has been reinterpreted to mean the energy of a healing system named after it, but that meaning is of modern not ancient origin. Sekhem, in its modern sense, is a form of healing that derives from a system called Seichim, which itself is partly a derivative of Reiki. Originally, the word heka meant magic or magical power, and it was also the name of a god who presided over magic.

Shef – The Energy System of the Body

As with most other energy healing systems, SekhemHeka works with the seven energy centres within the body, which in this system are referred to as the shef the whole system or shefats, the individual centres. These words derive from an Ancient Egyptian term that means power, energy, or vigour.
The energy centres are commonly known in most systems as the chakras, the idea of which derives from Ancient India. The centres are visualised as spheres or lotuses of coloured light, ranging through the spectrum from violet to red. The Correspondences of the Shefats There are seven degrees in SekhemHeka, and at each degree you will work with one of the seven shefats, beginning with Sen t, the base shefat, which can be regarded as the seat of the animal self, survival fears, the fight or flee response. Qemhu, the crown shefat, is regarded as the highest, being connected with the higher self, spirituality and higher consciousness. Here is a brief overview of the shef.

 The Base Shefat- Sen-t (ground, basis, foundation) (sen-tay)

This shefat is fiery red in colour and is situated at the base of the spine. Its element is earth and it is associated with the sense of smell. It also relates to the inner adrenal system that controls the fight or flight response. Sen-t concerns survival fears, basic instincts, the animal self, personal stability, matters of security.
The Lower Stomach or Sacral Shefat – Khept-ti (male and female genital organs) (kep-tee)
Khep-ti is situated above Sen-t, below the navel and relates to the sexual organs. Its colour is a radiant orange, its element is water and it corresponds to the sense of taste. This centre is concerned with sexuality, sexual energy, desire, feelings, creativity, pleasure, self confidence, and general well-being.

The Solar Plexus Shefat – Hati (will, disposition) (haa-tee)

 Hati is located below the rib cage and relates to the digestive system and the pancreas. It is the shefat of the sun, and it is thought that the body absorbs solar light through it. Therefore, it can be seen as your personal sun, the seat of your personal power. In colour it is a vibrant golden yellow, and its element is fire. It corresponds to the sense of sight and relates to will power, personal power, complex emotions, perseverance and determination. Here is born the ability to project the personality and affect your reality.

 The Heart Shefat – Ab (heart)

 Ab is the centre of the body; three above, three below. It is located in the chest and relates to the thymus gland, which regulates the lymphatic system. Its colour is green, the colour of healing, and it relates to the element of air and the sense of touch.

 The Throat Shefat – Ashash-t (throat, gullet) (aah-shash-tay)

 Ashash t is situated in the throat and relates to the thyroid gland and metabolism. Its colour is blue and its element is ether. It relates to the sense of hearing.

 The Third Eye Shefat – – Aar-t (a goddess of the uraeus) (aah-tay)

Aar-t and Qemhu (the Crown) form the two highest centres of the energy body. Both can be said to be the seat of the third eye, but it is probably best to imagine them as a whole with regards to this function. Aar-t is situated in the middle of the forehead, above and between the eyes. It relates to the pituitary gland and extra-sensory perception. Its colour is indigo.

 The Crown Shefat – Qemhu (crown of the head) (Kem-oo)

 Qemhu is located in the centre of the head, although the shefat is often visualised as existing just above the crown, outside the body. Its colour is generally seen as violet, although it is also pure white light, the entire spectrum. It corresponds to the pineal gland. This centre relates to the seat of your consciousness, the higher self. It is the shefat of empathy and true bliss through understanding. In Qemhu all the aspects of the lower shefats are united. It is their source of energy.


SekhemHeka – 1st Degree –(HKD 1800/person) one day course

 SekhemHeka (Sen-nu) – Second Degree – (HKD 1800/person) one day course

 SekhemHeka (Khemt-tu) – Third Degree – (HKD 1800/person) one day course

 SekhemHeka (Ftu-Nu) – Fourth Degree – (HKD 1800/person) one day course

 SekhemHeka (Tu Nut) – Ffith Degree – (HKD 1800/person) one day course

 SekhemHeka (Sas Nu) – Sixth Degree – (HKD 1800/person) one day course

 SekhemHeka (Sas Nu) – Seventh Degree – (HKD 1800/person) one day course

Eye Of Horus Activation

 The Eye of Horus Activation is a gateway that connects you to the 5th dimensional energies of light and higher frequencies. Eye Of Horus
It provides the opening that creates a reservoir of celestial energy within your own energy field. This reservoir of celestial energy then anchors and infuses your energy field, then continuing the journey by going out to the universe and returning to you on a constant basis renewing itself within you.
Your connection with our Sacred Mother Earth is also strengthened and aligned and you are nurtured by our divine earth mother.
*Master Teacher Level (HKD 2,200/person) one day course


Isis Seichim

Isis Seichim is a later development and brings a connection to Isis the Egyptian Goddess of healing and magic in a special way. Included in this Workshop are various healing methods and a variety of symbols.
History of Isis Seichim: 15 symbols and their uses, healing of any situation, power sandwich techniques are included,Cosmic Healing Bank technique.

*Master Teacher Level (HKD 8,800/person) one day course

*hkd 2,200 for students who completed Seichim/ Sekhem Level Three