Classes are conducted in Cantonese or English


Level 1:
Explain the basics of what it means to practice Shamanism. The Level 1 attunement connects you to the energies of Mother Earth and to the energies of Spirit in a way that will help you grow and learn to expand your horizons. The Manual for Level 1 covers how to take a spirit journey, looking within to discover who you truly are, and what your path may be, rights of passage, magickal names, and more.

Level 2:
Strengthen your connection to Mother Earth and to Spirit and offers a shield of protection as it helps you identify and clear negativity and unwanted energies which brings in great healing. The Manual for Level 2 covers attachements, soul retrieval, reclaiming your power, more.

Level 3
Continue strengthening your bond with Mother Earth and Spirit. It also opens your third eye 6th chakra, and crown 7th chakra, so that your psychic abilities are enhanced through connecting to your psychic self. There is also a strengthening of the 2nd chakra which is the seat of physical instincts. The Level 3 Master Manual covers meditation, healing, herbs and stones, visions, imprinting, enhancing intuition and instincts, Nature magick, living in harmony, and more.

*(HKD 2,800/ person each Level)




Dragons are powerful and they are multidimensional beings of light. 

Level 1:

The Dragons of Magickal Wells and Springs, protect these sacred areas and the energies associated with them. You may call on them for protection also. They will not allow any corruption of your positive intentions as you do Lightwork or Positive Magick. Your energis will be pure and directed toward the highest good whenever working with the Dragons of Magickal Well and Springs.

Level 2:

Dragons of Mystical Winds. The Dragon of Mystical winds will allow you to climb onto its back and will fly into the clouds. There you will see a crystal castle that is light and delicate as a feather. Your energy fields will glow brightly, filling with the colours needed to heal and be healthy. Positive energies fill you and you feel alive and energised. Inspiration and messages of how to solve problems come to you and you remember and understand. You feel motivated to take the necessary actions to bring about the results you want.

Level 3:

Dragons of Mother Gaias Heart will sent you blessings of abundance in all areas of your life. It will guide you to opportunities, and to draw to you all that you need for your highest good.They heal through removing anything that blocks the flow of energies, and filing that void or empty space with positive energies. It is a cycle of renewal. You can use these energies to help you with healing, manifestation and for protection. 

*(HKD 2,800/ person each Level)




The dragon is a symbol for Divine Protection and Ultimate Good Fortune. This is a special energetic attunement for Reiki Masters enhancing their power next with their natures spirits and fairies.

*Master Teacher Level (HKD 2,800/ person)


White Dragon Reiki

White Dragon Reiki connects you to the spirit of dragons, particularly the White Dragon.

This Dragon is the Dragon of purification, cleansing, and protection from negative energies and entities.

The White Dragon clears your path, removes blockages in your energies and energy fields.

The White Dragon heals sorrow, regrets, guilt, and all negative emotions within your being and energy fields.

The White Dragon, then fills each chakra with pure love and light to bring peace, love, light, harmony, and happiness into your life.

The White Dragon is so highly connected to Spirit and The Creative Source that you will feel a very beautiful, loving, energy as the White Dragon works to purify, cleanse, and heal you in body, mind, and spirit.
*Master Teacher Level (HKD 2,800/ person)


Crystal Dragon

One evening, I went out into the garden and sat under my Grounding tree.

I placed 3 Dragon Eggs between my hands in prayer position and raised them above my head then I asked the Dragons to bless the Eggs with their Energies and to also bless me.

What happened next was totally unexpected.

I could feel the Dragon Energy coming in through my fingertips flowing through each stone then travelling down through all my Chakras opening and cleansing each one as it flowed through them down into mother Earth.

When I could feel the Energies calming down I heard in my mind a loud rough voice telling me that I had just received the Attunements and knowledge of the Crystal Dragons and that this knowledge and set of Spiritual Attunements should be passed onto as many people as possible to prepare us all for the hard times that are coming.

I was told that a great Energy Shift of Planet Earth was on its way and that the Dragons were going to make themselves known to us again at this time to help us through this transition.

The Dragons are here with us now but they live at a higher Vibration than we do, this is why we do not see them as often as we used to.

This system is not a Healing System.

I was told that the 3 Crystal Dragon Attunements were for Spiritual Development and Spiritual Progression.

I was also shown a Key that was to be placed within the Palms, Heart and Brow Chakra during the 3rd Crystal dragon Attunement.

This will enable you to enter into the Crystal Dragon Realms during Meditation.

The 3 crystal Dragons are:

The Clear Quartz Dragon
The Rose Quartz dragon
The Amethyst Dragon

You will need the 3 Dragon Eggs for these Attunements.

The Crystal Dragon Manual includes the following information:

~The 3 Crystal dragons

~A Guided Dragon Meditation so you can meet you Dragon Companion who will always be with you sitting on your shoulder.

~Information on the bodys Chakra System. ~A very powerful Chakra Meditation

*HKD 2,800/ level. Total three levels



 It is designed for people interested in working with the Devas and Spirits inhabiting the Kingdom of Nature.
Nature Devas and Fairies Attunements are for healers who want to integrate the energy vibrations of these beings in their therapeutic healing works as well as for people generally interested in self healing and guidance on their path to self development.
The energies of these beings vibrate on a more earthly plane and unlike angels these beings are easier to perceive by humans for they are more similar in appearance to humans; the main difference is that they are etheric beings, meaning they are predominated by the natural subtle energy vibrations.
Nature Devas and their subcategories such as Fairies, Elves, etc. are of great help in guiding us through difficult periods in our lives and giving us advice as well as for helping us in recharging our energy tank by absorbing the strengthening and invigorating energies of nature.

*Master Teacher Level (HKD 2,800/ person)




Fairies are magickal beings that are multidimensional. They can move in and through the physical realm. We live in the 3rd dimension, the physical realm. But in reality, everything we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell are only illusions, these perceptions are how we communicate the information we receive in the physical realm to our true spiritual selves. We are energy. Everything is energy and nothing is truly solid. The Fairies know this, and are able to merge with the things that appear to be solid in the physical realm. Their energies are lighter and their knowledge of quantum physics, allows them to move in and out of different dimensions, which all co-exist at the same time in the same space.
You do not have to know or understand quantum physics to know that Fairies do exist, and that we rarely ever see them with our physical eyes. We sense them, feel their presence, and very often can communicate with them psychically through telepathy or visions.

The Fairy LightWorker Program will connect you to all Fairies, if you wish to call on them for assistance. However, this Reiki System strengthens and connects you to specific Fairies and their so that you will be able to call on them easily for assistance with healing, abundance, magick, guidance, protection, fertility, transformation, transition, strength, love, happiness, and beauty. Please keep in mind that you do not have to receive any attunement to work with Fairies, but the Fairy LightWorker Program does speed your ascension for working in the Otherworld of the Fairies, and strengthens and enhances your abilities to connect and work with the Fairies and their energies.
You will learn about the Following Fairies, and ways to work with them, and which Fairies to call on for assistance with specific areas of need:

Woodland Nymph
Star Fairy
Stone Fairy
Ice Fairy
Water Sprite
River Queen, Coventina

There are 11 attunements for the Fairy LightWorker Program, one for each of the above mentioned Fairies.

*Master Teacher Level (HKD 2,800/ person)




The Mystical Mermaid attunement embodies the energies of several mermaid/sea Goddesses which include Amphitrite (‘The Great Embracer’ — pre-Hellenic sea Goddess); Atargatis (Syrian mermaid Goddess); Mami Wata (‘Mother Water’ — Nigerian mermaid Goddess); Sedna (Inuit sea Goddess).

The energies of this system will allow us to abandon ourselves (ego) and hurl our true (divine) selves into the deep, to sprout wings, and transform into a new form with Higher knowledge, understanding, wisdom and perception. The depth of the water (duality) can sustain life, give comfort and is a source of life and abundance. Water is symbolic for spiritual rebirth and renewal, purification and regeneration and is the source from which each person is born.
Aspects of ourselves that are released will be the inner seductress/seducer as we will no longer have to hide our desires of the sexual subconscious or feel as though we have to return to the amniotic waters of the womb and hide.
We can abandon our old habitat where we are afraid or ashamed of our sexual powers and re-emerge in the light of Spirit knowing that our powers and desires in this area are Spirit-given, blessed by Spirit, good and that Spirit wants us to enjoy these releasing a lifetime of frustration and finding the erotic woman or man within us!
The Fish Tailed Goddess within can then create his or her emergence into all its glory and fullness. We have earned this gift for ourselves. You are encouraged to rise up and receive the wonder and adventure of a New World right inside you!

This system is very easy to use. It includes a releasement clearing, programming a stone for healing, and much more. You will receive the attunement, manual, certificate and many blessings from the powerful energies of the Mermaids and Mermaid Goddesses this system embodies.

*Practitioner Level (HKD 2,500/person)  *Master Teacher Level (HKD 2,800/ person)



The Unicorn Healing System attunes you to the good and pure enerigies of the Unicorns.
The Unicorns have very mystic natures and symbolize the innocence, purity and love of the heart.
There are many legends around the horn of the animal. The horn dissolves negativtiy and can heal many diseases.
The entire Unicorn and especially the horn possess magic powers which consists of pure Divine energy.
Unicorns have a wonderful and noble nature which shows in their aura of white and gold.
By contact with these noble creatures, humans can experience the healing of their soul and learn again to hear and see with their hearts!

*Practitioner Level (HKD 2,500/person) *Master Teacher Level (HKD 2,800/person)




The Pixie Unicorn Reiki Empowerment connects you to the Pixie Unicorns and helps you with healing, laughter, and joy.
The Pixie Unicorns are very small Unicorns that reside in the Fairy Realm.
They are happy and love to make you laugh. They are always around you, living in both the countryside and big cities.
Since they are so small, they can live just about anywhere.
Connecting with them will draw help you to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually, though their energies are strongest when helping you to heal from some emotional trauma, or emotional pain.
Call on the Pixie Unicorns to spread joy and happiness throughout your life, and to help you heal relationships and broken hearts.

*Master Teacher Level (HKD 2,800/person)



– Creativity, Abundance, Protection, Healing, Joy –
Myst of the Unicorn Reiki connects you to the spirit of the Unicorn, your higher self, universal source, and the realm of the Fae.
This system helps with discovering the mysteries of the Unicorns for empowerment.
Unicorns help you with creativity, abundance, protection and healing. And like the Fae, they love to play and spread joy!
*Master Teacher Level (HKD 2,800/ person)


Pegasus types have a particular flair for creating beautiful surroundings in which to live. They are perfectionists and detest disturbances and ugliness.
Pegasus types are very concerned with promoting social harmony.

They are curious and open-minded but they also want proof to support their ideas. Also they have an exceptional organizational ability. Since they are objective and just they are wished as unbiased mediators at disputes. They are extremely independent.

 *Master Teacher Level (HKD 2,800/person)


Fire of the Phoenix Reiki

The Fire of the Phoenix Reiki connects you to the energies of the Phoenix and works to burn away obstacles that block your path.

As you travel through life, even though you may know what you need to do to rise above problems, you can often get caught up in just living, and lose sight of your path.

The Fire of the Phoenix Reiki attunement helps you to recognize what it is you need to do to overcome challenges in your life.

This is an excellent attunement to help you with overcoming the negative energies and obstacles that cause fear, doubt, and prevent you from moving forward for the highest good.

No matter what challenges you are facing in your life right now, clearing your path and regaining your positive energies helps restore your personal power!

 *Master Teacher Level (HKD 3,200/person)


Flight of the Phoenix Reiki

Flight of the Phoenix Reiki attunes you to the energies of the Phoenix and Spirit.
This system works with free will, helps you to break free from the chains that bind you or hold you back from living your life to the full.

So often, we are held back with attachments to people, places, and things out of guilt or love for someone else, even when these things no longer serve us.

Your free will allows you to break these chains, and helps you decide what it is you want in life.

Free will gives you the courage to follow your dreams, not someone else?s, and to make those dreams come true. When you are living your life out of passion and following YOUR dreams and life path, your life overflows with abundance, love, and joy!

 *Master Teacher Level (HKD 3,200/person)