Classes are conducted in Cantonese or English

Akashic Records Attunement
 Akashic is Sanskrit for “primary substance”. The Akashic Records are known by different names throughout the world – the book of life, the Cosmic Mind, the Universal Mind, the collective unconscious, the collective subconscious , and the Soul Records.
The Akashic Records contain all knowledge that is in the past, present, and future. All recordings of words, deeds, thoughts, actions of everyone and everything is recorded here.

The Akashic Records are actually an energetic vibration. It is this energy vibration that translates into images, forms, symbols, imagery, and language that the mind can understand.

Through clarity comes understanding and with this comes the opportunity to release old negative patterns to make way for new growth and spiritually.

 Accessing the Akashic Records can help you to discover more about yourself such as your opportunities, your life purpose, your karma and destiny.

 * Practitioner Level (HKD 3,200/ person) one day course

YOD Initiation

The Yod Initiation connects the adept to higher thought patterns. It serves to further open the heart to love and compassion. Astrology, tarot and channellers are able to divine more accurate information.

* Practitioner Level (HKD 1,800/ person) one day course.

Atlantian Gaia Trilogy

The purpose of these activations/empowerments are to bring forth the energy and knowledge that the Atlantians used during their glorious existence here on MotherEarth (Gaia).

The first in the trilogy:
The Atlantian Crystal Activation
Prerequisite: Usui Reiki level 3
This system helps with spiritual and personal progression that will aid you on your spiritual journey, towards Mankinds ultimate ascension. During your attunement you will receive an Etheric Atlantian Crystal that will be placed into your 7th Chakra (Crown Chakra).

* Practitioner Level (HKD 2,500/ person) one day course

The Crystal Skull Activation
Prerequisite – The Atlantian Crystal Activation
The Crystal Skull Activation is the second in the trilogy.
The Crystal Skulls were solid, physical objects during the times of the Atlanteans, but after the fall of Atlantis they were taken to a different dimension then ours.
Some of the skulls have re-materialised, which shows us that the time has come to reawaken to the knowledge contained within the skulls. This is why, during your attunement to this system, an Etheric Crystal Skull will be placed nto your 8th Chakra (Transpersonal Point or Soul Star Chakra).

* Practitioner Level (HKD 2,500/ person) one day course

The Elemental Earth Star Empowerment

Prerequisite – The Atlantian Crystal & The Crystal Skull Activations

The Elemental Earth Star is the final attunement in the trilogy of Atlantian and Gaia attunements.
During your Atlantian Crystal and Crystal Skull attunements your 7th and 8th chakras were activated and cleared.
Now it is time to reconnect back to Mother Earth through the Earth Star Chakra.
Through this attunement, you will be grounded into this plane of existence to work with and work on healing mother earth and all her inhabitants. You will also feel a closer connection to Gaia after this attunement.

* Practitioner Level (HKD 2,500/ person) one day course

*Atlanian and Gaia Master teacher Level (HKD3,500/person)


Light of Lemuria

Prerequisite: Usui Reiki level 3

The Light of Lemuria attunement connects you to the Lemurians and strengthens any already existing connections.

This is an empowerment system that helps develop and enhance psychic abilities, helps bring forth the hidden memories of the distant past in which the Lemurian and Atlantian cultures existed. You may have been a part of this culture in a past life, and if so, you may feel the echo of truth in the information contained in this class.

For the distant memories that have been hidden for so long will begin to surface, teaching you the way of light, love, and empowerment. Look beyond this lifetime. Look to the past, and then to the future, because it is now that you can make a difference for tomorrow.

The Light of Lemura manual covers a bit of Lemurian history, gives information about the Cave of Initiation, the Crystal City, seed crystals, interdimesions or alternate realities or timelines, healing, telepathy, colors associated with the Lemurians, and What the Lemurians Want You to Know. The Lemurians offer peace, love, wisdom and great healing to you.

They have assured me that it is time for this information to be brought forth, time for Humanity to know and ascend.

* Practitioner Level part 1+2 (HKD$2,800/person each part), Master teacher Level (HKD3,500/person)