Classes are conducted in Cantonese or English

Karuna Ki Reiki

It is an advanced healing system that takes the Usui system to another level. It is wonderful at strengthen ones ability to heal on all levels. It employs sounds, endowed with the power to heal. These sounds are sacred and powerful. They can be transmitted silently through intention or chanting, to bring about deeper levels of healing. (Only available to Usui Reiki level 2 or higher)

 *Level one (HKD 1,800/person), Level two (HKD 1,800/person), Master Teacher  Level (HKD 3,200/person)



Violet Flame Reiki

It was a Reiki channeled from Quan Yin to Ivy Moore while meditation upon Quan Yin and wishing to develop better healing skills.The Violet flames unique energy is used to remove, transmute and cleanse negative energy with the physical body, mental and spiritual soul. The Violet flame can be used to help buildings, places, situations, karma and current problems.

 ~You will receive 40 Symbols

~Violet Flame Reiki Certificate

~Higher Self Manual with attunement process

*You should be at least Usui Reiki Level 2 or higher

*Level One (HKD 1,800/person), Level Two (HKD 1,800/person), Level Three (HKD 1,800/person), Level Four Teacher Level (HKD 2,800/person)



Tibetan Reiki

Tibetan Reiki is a system of energy healing that helps to bring our energies into balance and harmony. It is difficult to prove or disprove that Tibetan Reiki originated in Tibet as the symbols do not come from the Tibetan Sanskrit language . However the spiritual information of the symbols is similar to that found in many Eastern philosophies. Regardless )of this, Tibetan Reiki is a system of energy that helps in the healing process that is needed by so many people today.

You will learn symbols that help to energize and revitalize the chakras, cleanse and open the third eye, balance and calm chaotic energy in the chakras, increase intuition, strengthen the light body and invoke beneficial spiritual entities.

You will also learn about the Tree of Life Meditation, Usui Master Mantra, Archangel Michael’s Sword Technique, Distant healing and how to perform attunements in different ways.

*Level One (HKD 2,200/person), Level Two (HKD 2,200/person), Master Teacher (HKD 3,100/person)

*All Levels at one time (HKD 6,980/person)



Imara Reiki

The name “Imara” means more, so Imara Reiki simply means more Reiki. In comparison to other renowned forms of Reiki practices today, Imara Reiki is more intense and uses higher level of vibrations to heal. Other Reiki forms like Usui Reiki use first three energy levels while Karuna Reiki use 4th level of energy frequency but Imara is considered as the most intense as it is known as level 5 energy Reiki.
By using Imara Reiki, Reiki practitioners or Reiki Masters can create a very strong spiritual connection mostly with higher beings and with past memories. The healing is most effective in reducing or eliminating the psychological effects of any bad past experience. It is a well established practice to resolve issues related to past life and its effects on presents life. As such healing requires deep meditation and intense energy healing, Imara REiki is commonly use to heal issues buried deep in human Psyche. People who are suffering from emotional, physical or spiritual traumas as a result of repressed feelings can be treated with the help of Imara Reiki.
Prerequisite: Usui Reiki and Karuna Level three

*Master Teacher Level (HKD 2,800/person) one day course



Green Tara Seichim

The Green Tara Seichim attunement aims to provide a powerful combination of Seichim energies with the peaceful, healing and compassionate energies of Green Tara.
The amazing energies of Seichim and Green Tara compliment each other beautifully. Green Tara, a bodhisattva (a being of great compassion who has reached Buddhahood for the good of all beings), is a much loved and powerful deity. She is said to be able to prevent suffering rebirth, grant wishes, assist you in reaching enlightenment etc. She is very compassionate and this is a felt strongly in her energies.

Class Contents: The Tara Mantras; Green Tara Heart Exercise; Symbols to use; Self Empowerment Method; Attunement Method, etc.

*Master Teacher Level (HKD 3,200/person) One day course



Medicine Buddha Reiki 

The Medicine Buddha is an enlightened being who protects living beings from physical and mental illnesses and other dangers and obstacles, and helps them to eradicated the three poisons-attachment, hatred, and ignorance which are the source of all sickness and danger.

Class contents: Medicine Buddha Sadhana, Medicine Buddha Sutra, Tibetan Short and long mantras, 3 Tibetan symbols, Tibetan healing rituals, Tibetan Empowerment method, etc.

*Master Teacher Level (HKD 3,200/ person) one day course


Chenrezig (Guan-Yin) Reiki

Chenrezig is known by the name Arya-Avalokiteshvara, which means “The Noble One Who Regards the Cries of the World.”
Chenrezig is considered to be the Bodhisattva (an enlightened being who has vowed to help all other beings attain enlightenment before becoming a buddha) of Mercy and Compassion. Though primarily male in Indian and Tibetan iconography, Avalokiteshvara can appear in any form, and the thirty-three forms are listed in the Lotus Sutra.

Many of those forms are female, and it is primarily in female form that this deity is known in Southeast and East Asia, the name varying from Kum-yam to Guan-yin to Kuan-yin to Kannon.

Chenrezig is also invoked for healing, often for, but not limited to, problems of a spiritual nature. Historically, it is believed helpful to meditate on his image and to chant his mantra with the desire to alleviate suffering and attain enlightenment. It is thought that Dr. Mikao Usui, the originator of Reiki in its modern form, may have meditated on the Kannon sutra (Chapter 25 of the Lotus Sutra) as part of his efforts to tap into the healing energies of the Buddha.

Chenrezig is an enlightened being who has unbiased compassion for all living beings. He protects living beings from physical and mental illnesses and other dangers and obstacles, and helps them to eradicate the three poisons-attachment, hatred, and ignorance-which are the source of all sickness and danger. He is the “Buddha Doctor.”

*Master Teacher Level (HKD 3,200/person) One day course



Gtummo means “sacred” which is the mystical energy of the Tibetan Lama.
This is a secret Tibetan method of Healing.

You will receive the energies of gtummo by a special Activation process called “Ankur”.

Only a Vajramaster can give the Gtummo Initiation from touch, affirmation and meditation remotely or in person.

These ancient teachings have been REFORMULATED with contemporary/old symbols to modernize the process.

There are 4 Levels which include:

Gtummo Level 1- Respa Energy 

Gtummo Level 2- High Respa Energy

Gtummo Level 3- Master of Gtummo

Gtummo Level 4- Vajramaster of Gtummo

*Level 1,2 (HKD 1,500/Person), Level 3 (HKD 1,800/Person) Master Teacher Level (HKD 2,000/person) One day course