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Magic Reiki

Magic Reiki is a system of energetic healing which deals with the world of ghosts and magic.
It helps clean the space from negative substance, neutralises negative programs created by others and negative energetic impulses including those which were created in far away places or in previous lives.
Magic Reiki is healing for the body, soul, and life. Magic Reiki helps create powerful protection for you and your sacred space.
If you have been working with energy for a long time and possess additional occult knowledge you will obtain an ability to receive information from both worlds, contact spirits, elementals and elementarians.
Protected by Magic Reiki you can contact representatives of various worlds.

 *Master Teacher Level (HKD 3,600/person) one day course



 Angels of the Silver, Gold & Violet Flame

In Atlantis the people couldn’t invoke Violet Flame of Transmutation to dissolve negativity in relationships and situations. This high frequency light literally devoured lower energy, so people could keep their auras clear. Unfortunately the power was misused and so it was withdrawn from all but a select few. At the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987, so many Light Workers prayed and meditated for the raising of consciousness of humanity that St Germain, the Keeper of the Violet Flame, was able to approach Source to ask for a dispensation for humanity. Under Divine Grace the power of the Violet Flame was returned for everyone to use.
The Flame includes colours from lavender, through lilac to deepest violet and literally transmutes, dissolves and removes lower vibrations.
Archangel Zadkiel & his angels of transmutation are the keepers of the flame and although no formal invocation is required to work with the flame the attunements in which you will receive to Zadkiel and his angels make your work stronger and more powerful in the healing for yourself and others.
The Ascended master St. Germain is the cohort of the flame ensuring that the flames energies are used for the highest good of everyone involved and your attunement to his energy will too make your work stronger.
The Violet Flame works by quickly raising energy that it comes up against, to a much higher rate of vibration. For practical purposes, this means that it gets blocked and stagnant energy moving, and it transmutes negative energy into positive. While it is not literal fire, it behaves very similarly to how heat increases the vibration and changes physical matter from one state to another.
The violet flames energies are best suited to working with any situation that needs to be cleansed at any level. This statement works true on every level from the physical to the emotional and mental bodies. The flame cleanses away anything that does not suit your purpose for the highest good of all. When working and healing with the flame a whole feeling of being cleansed and free, or how I describe it sparkly and clean takes place on every level of your being.
 The flames transmutational power is endless. You can put the energies to work at any level of any situation to be cleansed and healed.
Zadkiel is the archangel of transformation and transmutation. Call forth Zadkiel to help you to strengthen your link with the divine. He can also help you to transmute negative energy into positive energy and to heal traumas from past lives.
St Germain was the Chohan of the seventh ray, the violet ray, who brought to us the Violet Flame of purification. He is teaching healers to work with the violet flame and to understand its use with sacred geometry. This can bring balance to the enlightened and unsettle those in the dark. He is now the Lord of Civilization. The part of him that incarnated as Rakoczy has recently taken over Mastery of the 11th ray.
For your attunement, you will be connected to the Silver, Gold and Violet Flame, Archangel Zadkiel and St Germain.

*Master Teacher Level (HKD 3,200/person) one day course


Shield of Archangel Michael

The Shield of Archangel Michael connects you to the power and energies of Archangel Michael and surrounds you with Archangel Michael is love and protection. While you do not need an attunement to call on Archangel Michael for any reason, this attunement will connect you to him in a powerful way and strengthen any connections to Archangel Michael that you may already have.
You will learn how to use the symbol to invoke Archangel Michael protection quickly and powerfully for yourself, others, animals, plants, your home, your finances, and anything else you may want to protect.
You will also understand how to shield yourself and others against any form of negative energies, people, and etc.
You will be guided as to how to release your fears and embrace the future with confidence. You do not need to be a Reiki Master to be attuned to the Shield of Archangel Michael..

*Master Teacher Level (HKD 2,800/person) one day course


Archangel Michael Sword of Power and Justice

By activating the Sword of Power and Justice energies your energy frequency is increased and so is your body, chakras, and aura!
Sword of Power and Justice is about the Power and Justice from AA MICHAEL.
You will receive the attunement and energies of the “Sword of Power & Justice and you learn about your past connection to Lemuria.
They await you in the great temple of Crystals and AA MICHAEL performs with you a dimension jump.
This authorization, requires a high awareness of energies and vibration.
They welcome you, because they know you from ancient times.

 *Master Teacher Level (HKD 2,800/person) one day course


 Magical Talisman Empowerment

It is now possible to access the energies of an etheric talisman which is granted through this simple energy system and your heart felt intention.
By accessing the etheric energies of each the talismans within this system will you to connect with the hidden wisdom that is contained within each one.
Creating a talisman through the etheric realms is also said to be much more powerful than a physical item plus they can also be used for any situation and/ or event.
A Talisman is a spiritual tools that is imbued with a specific energy or magical intention. It can be a special object that is made especially for protection, prosperity or it can be an everyday etheric object that has been prepared especially for someone to serve a purpose.
Most Talisman are however made for protection. Each etheric talisman will work best when it is placed into the chakra, aura or environment by the person they were made for.
Talismans can also be made from precious stones inscribed with symbols like runes, herbs or can now be created through the ethers by using this highly effective attunement.

 * Practitioner Level (HKD 3,200/ person) One day course



 Rune Power

 Rune power is based on the Norse Runes.
It can be used for magic as well including a way to easily and powerfully charge objects to create magical items, programmed to do whatever you desire

* Practititioner Level (HKD 3,200/ person) One day course